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Blueberry Picking Season

Blueberries 2024

It won’t be long before these beautiful blues are ready to pick.  We are anticipating late June or early July.  Watch here or on FaceBook for updates.

Thanks to all our loyal patrons who come out to pick and support our farm.

We appreciate the time you spend with us!

See you early July 2024

updated 6-15-2024  11:48 am

Blueberry Patch Photo

We are Berry Happy to See You

Our goal is to produce the best quality of fruits and vegetables. With that in mind, we use Best Management Practices in our farming operation. This starts with selecting healthy rootstock from a trusted nursery. Our berries are chosen because they have a natural resistance to certain pests and diseases. Cultural practices are used for weed control such as cultivation when possible and also hand weeding. We monitor our fields at least twice a week looking for any pest problems. Pesticides are used only when damaging levels of pests are present. It is our policy to apply nothing when we have developing fruit on the plants. We are not a chemical-free farm but we try to use them as little as possible.​